Back to School Finds

Hi friends! Back to school season has always been one of my favorites! Who doesn’t love the smell of #2 pencils and picking out new, perfect notebooks? The school year starts fairly early in the South (at least in Nashville). Clementine is starting back up at preschool the first week of August & I thought… Continue reading Back to School Finds

Spring Sensory Bin

Hey friends! Today I'm excited to share a spring sensory bin with you that I put together for Clementine. While she's enjoyed sensory bins for a long time and I'll keep the essentials (rice, scoops, different sized containers) on hand for a rainy day, I've been enjoying creating themed seasonal sensory bins this year. The… Continue reading Spring Sensory Bin

March Reflection & April Welcome

Hello friends! It is officially April- one of the best months (despite what T.S. Elliot says). Maybe I'm slightly biased because it happens to be my birthday month, but I love it. I love the lingering drizzly weather with sunshine not far behind, the flowers blooming, the sweet spot between frigid cold and 100% humidity.… Continue reading March Reflection & April Welcome

Things I’m Loving This Week 12.28.21- Valentine’s Day Edition

Alright guys I've decided to be honest with myself and admit that there's never just three things I'm loving at any given time. I'm throwing these parameters out the window and am just going to post things I'm loving when I'm loving them! Cool? Cool. As usual, Target is coming in clutch with the cutest… Continue reading Things I’m Loving This Week 12.28.21- Valentine’s Day Edition

Fun for Kids: Sushi Candy

The other day I was reminded of one of the coolest activities I remember doing when I was younger. As a girl scout we participated in an international fair where each troop represented a country. I remember the "Japan" troop was selling sushi candy as a fundraiser, and it was truly delightful. I decided it… Continue reading Fun for Kids: Sushi Candy

2020: Year in Review

Hi friends! I posted a roundup of 2020 memories by month on my Instagram stories but I also wanted to write a little post here as well. It’s been difficult to reflect back on the actual craziest year of my (& probably everyone’s) life and so this post is nearly 2 weeks overdue, but my… Continue reading 2020: Year in Review

Holiday Family Photos 2020

Hey friends! Like almost everything this year, our annual family photos for holidays cards looked a bit different. Honestly, I totally blanked on the whole idea sending out cards until the abundance of influencers on Instagram steered offering promo codes to artifact uprising etc. Suddenly it hit me that sending out holiday cards was something… Continue reading Holiday Family Photos 2020